Tasty Tubers!

Check out the healthy truth behind the potato's decadent reputation!

Out little friend the potato gets a bad rap sometimes. We’re all guilty of making these tubers pretty darn decadent. That extra heavy cream in the mashed potatoes, the continual shaking of the salt over your oven fires, the bacon on your baked potato - sure, that’s all delicious, but not so good for you. Thanks to over-zealous dollops of butter and sour cream, we forget how healthy taters really are. No, really! I’m serious! Take a look at these surprising nutrition facts:

The average size potato actually has only 110 calories when baked or boiled and contains more potassium than a banana! They are also naturally fat free, contain more fiber than an apple, more Vitamin C than an orange, and are classified as a vegetable! It’s no wonder why potatoes are the second most consumed food in the United States.

Despite being considered high on the glycemic index (and a diet “no-no”), potatoes GI can actually be changed easily based on cooking method and differs based on type and region of growth. In fact, multiple clinical studies have concluded that due to the range of vitamins and fiber in a potato, humans could live on them alone with the addition of just a tablespoon of butter or milk. Amazing!

There you have it, folks. So next time you want a post work-our dinner that will stave off muscular cramps while maintaining your waistline - try one of our recipes!