A Lesson in Potato History

Find out what has made the potato a staple throughout history!

These days, potatoes aren’t exactly known for their creative use. Sure, we whip em’ into   soups, fries, casseroles, gnocchi, and a whole bunch of other delicious concoctions, but overall, they’re primary function is as tasty food. But - did you know they’ve also served quite a few other purposes in the past? It’s true! Throughout history, potatoes have taken on some very interesting roles. Take a peak at these fascinating facts!

The Incas had a lot of interesting uses for the potato. They placed raw slices on broken bones to promote healing, ate them along with other foods to avoid indigestion, and carried them around to prevent rheumatism. They even measured time based on how long it took to cook potatoes!

In Germany, King Frederick William was so dedicated to growing potatoes as a primary food crop that he ordered all the peasants to plant them or else their noses would be cut off! Yikes!

During the Alaskan Klondike gold rush, potatoes were highly valued for their vitamin C. In fact, they were practically worth their weight in gold since, at the time, nutritious food was even more rare than the precious metal!

So next time you look down at your dinner, remember how well traveled the humble spud truly is - and be thankful for the many famers that take care of the growing, so your nose is safe! Ha ha!