I Say Potato

Po-tay-to. Po-tah-to.

We don't care how you pronounce it as long as you Say Potato! As Maine's potato growers, we spend day and night thinking about potatoes. We understand the growing season, the nuances of how nature affects the harvest, and we know what makes our potatoes taste so good. Here you can find resources to help you enjoy your favorite spud. We've got recipes, videos, and educational projects all revolving around the one and only - Maine Potato!

I Say Potato Blog

Maine Potatoes the Official Potato of the Cross Insurance Center

Maine Potato Board, Cross Insurance Center Operators to Bring Local Potatoes to Center Upon its opening in September, Maine potatoes will be the official potato of the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor....
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Tasty Tubers!

Check out the healthy truth behind the potato's decadent reputation!

Out little friend the potato gets a bad rap sometimes. We’re all guilty of making these tubers pretty darn decadent. That extra heavy cream in the mashed potatoes, the continual shaking of the salt...
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A Lesson in Potato History

Find out what has made the potato a staple throughout history!

These days, potatoes aren’t exactly known for their creative use. Sure, we whip em’ into   soups, fries, casseroles, gnocchi, and a whole bunch of other delicious concoctions, but...
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