I Say Potato

Po-tay-to. Po-tah-to.

We don't care how you pronounce it as long as you Say Potato! As Maine's potato growers, we spend day and night thinking about potatoes. We understand the growing season, the nuances of how nature affects the harvest, and we know what makes our potatoes taste so good. Here you can find resources to help you enjoy your favorite spud. We've got recipes, videos, and educational projects all revolving around the one and only - Maine Potato!

I Say Potato Blog

Potatoes of the Past

Some of our favorite potato dishes have some pretty interesting historical beginnings...wow!

As you can see by our recipes, the culinary world is embracing cooking - and even baking - with potatoes more than ever! Though I love all the innovation happening in the kitchen these days, it’s...
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PotAYto - PotAHto?

What's up with all the different varieties of potatoes? Find out the advantages of all the most common (and tasty!) types!

Did you know there are close to 4000 different varieties of potatoes?! That’s a ton of taters! Over 100 of those are edible varieties. While it’s true that we don’t see most of those...
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Potato Power!

We all know a potato is a great way to fuel up the human body, but take a look at the real power of the humble potato!

We all know that scientists all over the glove are trying to come up with new energy sources, right? For those of you that didn’t, now you know! And guess what? Potatoes are actually a pretty great...
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